For this infographic my intended communication objective was to answer the question of how to make pancakes. I wanted to create an infographic that was visually appealing and unique, yet resembled a familiar recipe process so that the viewer can easily recognise what the infographic is about and with each step, realise what it was showing. I wanted to do this with minimal text and colours.

For my large infographic I started to work on the general layout and created a banner type of heading using the shapes tool. I then distorted this to make it look less rectangular and then created a baker’s hat using the shapes tool (three circles and a rectangle) then merging them with the pathfinder tool. I made this white by clicking on the colour white in the colour panel.

I first started off finding a few images to help me on In class we had used images from this website to help us get similar shapes and maybe even colours of what we were trying to create and portray. I began to trace the outlines of the pancakes on the pancake stack image I had selected and used the ‘command click’ (on mac) on the anchor points to curve a few of the edges so the pancakes didn’t look so angular.

I decided I wanted to keep the colours to a minimal because when researching I had found out that by only using a few colours, the more effective it could be as an infographic as it is easier on the eyes and viewers can make quick connections. I decided to make my main image of the pancake stack just different shades of yellows and browns to show that it is a pancake stack and that they are in fact signifying different steps. After creating the pancakes I played around with different shades in the colour panel by making the colour either lighter or darker, more saturated or less saturated etc. so I could get them different enough yet a similar colour. The other basic colours I wanted to stick with were shades of blue and grey with white and black.

When creating my ingredients graphics I tried to make the salt and sugar look like tiny grains. I did this by going to effects and selecting grain then playing around with the size etc to get something looking like the ingredients. I also used a few effects on the flour and baking powder images in my method to show them pouring out into the mixing bowl.

Overall I think my infographic is effective at showing how to make pancakes and fulfils my intention to create something unique and simple to understand.



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Images for the Method:

So I have completed the rest of my graphics for the seven step method. I have taken out the ‘borders’ on the side because as I was creating the ingredients, I realised that the white was not as easily seen with the light grey as the background. The next post I upload will hopefully be my final inforgaphic!

Screen Shot 2015-06-04 at 11.16.11 pm


Creating the graphics for all the ingredients:

I have created all the ingredients you will need to make the pancakes and tried to make it clearer what they all are by using a few one or two words. This was only because ingredients such as baking powder and sugar are hard to distinguish from other substances.

Screen Shot 2015-06-04 at 11.15.05 pm