‘Oil Drilling Contaminated Western Amazon Rainforest, Study Confirms’ -Becky Oskin

Source details:
Published on:, June 13, 2014

This article discusses some recent findings on pollution in Western Amazon. From a chemical analysis conducted by a team of Spanish researchers they found that oil extraction and oil spills in Western Amazon over the past few decades has caused pollution in the area but little has been done about it in the past due to a lack of environmental monitoring and proper regulations. It goes on to talk about how this pollution is affecting not only the Amazon’s nature and it’s wildlife but also the native people and their health.

I decided to choose this article as I feel people need to be more aware of what’s happening with the environment, the world we live in, the air we breathe and the water we drink. It is very interesting to learn that in some areas of the world something that can affect so many different forms of life can go relatively unnoticed by those who can really make a difference and do something about it. I also decided on this article as I can see it being expressed well visually. It offers a wide range of possibilities such as being able to contrast and overlap images of the greenery and the visual aesthetic of nature at it’s best with the much duller image of a more unpleasant and polluted ‘nature’. This however, is just one broad idea which I can try and develop and alter later on in the working process.



  1. Hey Loretta! I like your choice of article and also your current idea of having images of different environments overlapping each other. You could possibly develop your concept by maybe taking on a visual perspective from the native peoples point of view.


  2. Sounds like you have put a large amount of thought into your topic and your article looks very good. There are so many options of how you can portray this concept, so I like how your story helped narrow it down to just the Western Amazon.


  3. I think you have picked a great topic for discussion. The environment as a whole is very important to our way of life and this article is great because it looks directly into a direct issue of oil extraction and spills in the Amazon, and what negative affects have occurred to the environment and the native people due to this. It’s an interesting topic which I think you could use a vast range of colours in your image. I think it is important to now hone in on your direction for this image, how you will portray the issues in the article and what creative ways you can show these.


  4. I agree with what your saying its very interesting how little we know of the world around us unless we go searching for that information, I knew a fair amount about the deforestation of the amazon I mean thats really a huge environmental impact didn’t know about the oil crisis, keep up the good work 🙂


  5. This is a great idea! The environment is a very relevant topic to society today and you can definitely get an effective message across. Your article is very relevant and i think you have gone in the right direction in order to succeed in this assignment! Maybe now you need to further your imagination into how you will communicate this message visually. Think of how it will portray the important issues that are involved in the article in a simple but effective way! Your doing great! Keep it up!


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