Research Post 1




It may seem like a simple image but the use of colour along with the placement of the visuals really creates an impressive contrast. This may not be entirely effective at explaining the article I have chosen but I am enticed by the idea of creating a contrast between an all natural world and the polluted world. The image’s contrast tells the viewer what has happened or more what is in the process of happening with our earth. I feel that the image may have been better with the beginnings of a tree at the bottom then the cloud of smoke at the top as sort of a way of explaining what the tree would be turning into. For example, the greenery being taken away, the bright blue sky being taken away. Then it being¬†turned into this lifeless black and white cloud of smoke and ash. However overall, I really admire the use of colour and placement in this image.


  1. Hey LorettaI think you have done more work compared to some students ( as in me ), I really like your idea and I could totally see your idea forming into some kind of this image. Awesome selection of article, can’t wait to see the final product!


  2. Love this image, but like you, as soon as I saw it I thought it would be more effect the other way round if it’s aiming for the idea of man vs nature. I think the idea of the strongest part of the tree (the trunk) still being in the image would be more powerful visually. However it’s really cool how perfectly the two images fit together and look natural!


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