Communication Objectives

As previously mentioned I want to merge or contrast nature at it’s best, green and full of life, with the dullness of pollution. I still want to continue with this idea but have been thinking I may want to explore it a slightly different way. I want to try and incorporate the oil more into my image as it is the main focus of my article.

Through the composition of:

-A black oil substance to represent the cause of the pollution mentioned in the article
-A tree to represent the nature aspect of the article
-One or Two people to represent those being impacted by the pollution

I am intending to create an image that visually communicates the suffering being experienced by the Western Amazon, both its people and its wildlife. I plan on overlapping the oil over the top part of the tree making it seem like it was ‘raining’ oil, or having water/rain come down onto the tree then it turning into oil. This is to symbolise the oil being ‘leaked’ into the Amazon and affecting the nature in the area. I am also interested in incorporating a human figure (or two) to communicate the native people’s involvement and how they are also affected by the pollution. Overall, I do want a dark tone to the image however I will still use a contrasting brightness in the appropriate parts of the image. I will use image manipulation techniques that have been taught in class and try to also use the best aspects of what I have researched to create a photo-realism image that represents this article.



  1. Hi Loretta 🙂 Great to see your communication objective being so clear! you really know what angle you want to take and how to get there. I really like your idea of raining oil. Something to consider, is how you feel that you need to incorporate a human or people into your image to show that they are being affected. I feel you need not place a full human into the image but can effectively use human body parts such as hands, eyes, feet etc. This way you have less to edit in photoshop and also you can link the human parts to a meaning through semiotics. For example, by showing a human lung being affected by oil you can communicate ideas regarding suffocation and breathing etc. Hope that helps 😀


  2. This is such a good idea, I looked at your images on one of your other posts! it made me really interested to see how you will create your own image. I think the way you are thinking of composing it is really cool and visually pleasing 🙂


  3. Such a strong message you are sending, one thing to think about though is how you are going to uniquely communicate the fact that it is specifically for the Amazon, not just oil drilling in general. Unless you wanted to broaden your image to include oil drilling everywhere. Otherwise it sounds really good so far!


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