Concept Thumbnails

photo 5
Concept thumbnail 1: The clouds at the top of the page are raining water showing a natural element in the image. Mid-way down the tree in the centre, the water blends and transforms into oil, leaving the ‘oil’ to drip down the tree and into the palm of the hand. This shows the cycle of how nature is being tainted by the oil pollution and how it ends up affecting the people.

photo 2

Concept thumbnail 2: The hand at the top of the image is picking up the tree to symbolise those who are causing the oil pollution and destroying the environment in the Western Amazon. Underneath the tree there is oil to replace it. There is a person, possibly a native, who is in dismay at what is happening to their environment. This will be a very dull image in reflection of what the person is feeling. The larger hand in the image also helps identify which people have the power over the environment.

photo 1

Concept thumbnail 3: There are those in the background ‘leaking’ the oil into the waters that, in the foreground, we can see native people use as drinking water. It will be clear water where the native is drinking however the oil will be coming closer as an indication of the big effect it can have on the people.

photo 3

Concept thumbnail 4: The hour-glass symbolises that time is running out to save the environment. The tree at the top of the hour-glass represents nature and it is in fresh soil. The soil is gradually falling through and as it does it turns into oil. As the oil drips down, there is someone at the base, a native of the environment, that ends up drinking this oil showing the pollution’s effects. The top half of the image will be bright and natural, whereas the bottom half will be dull and gloomy.

photo 4

Concept thumbnail 5: This image will be a contrast between the left environment and the right. On the left, there is vibrant greenery in the Western Amazon with a native person who is visibly happy. The part in the middle will be water then it will merge with the right, which will be oil. On the right, there will be a large hand taking away/destroying ‘nature’ and emphasising that they are the bigger power here. This side of the image will be much darker than the other.



  1. Heya Loretta! These concepts are amazing! You’ve really though hard about each and every one of them.I feel like you could create an amazing finished product out of them all. My favorites are probably the hourglass idea and the rain-on-tree-on-hand-with-oil-dripping-out-bottom idea! I feel like the message is very clearly communicated through them. I guess now you should just start thinking about the concepts of color and contrast to compliment your chosen message 🙂


  2. Hey Loretta! So many excellent ideas its crazy!! i love concept four, i believe that really presents the main idea in hand. The whole meaning that time is running out to save the environment is shown by a hour glass is a brilliant idea! Only question I have is how are you going to take a photo of soil and photoshop it to make it fall without making it look ‘fake’? Is it too out of depth to do? If you can do it I believe this concept is your best bet!


  3. Hi Loretta, I’m really glad that you have chosen an article that raises issues about the environment and pollution. It is such a massive, world-wide problem, people need to be more informed and educated about it and how to save the earth. I am also quite passionate about earth and sustainability, it is sad to see that some people see this problem and turn a blind eye to it. You have come up with some very interesting concept thumbnail sketches. I could really see the images that you are trying to communicate coming together in my head. I really like the first sketch you made of the rain water blending into oil. I think its a very powerful message that can be communicated simplistically through two main images which will be the tree and the rain. My only concern is how well you can manipulate the images to blend the rain into oil. It will be very interesting to see. An image that can convey a powerful message is definitely eye catching and attention grabbing, which I think you have done here very well.


  4. Hi Loretta! I just love your concepts! You are clearly a very creative person as each of your thumbnails differ greatly and that is awesome! Each of your concepts portray your idea well however my favourite is the fourth thumbnail using the hour-glass. For me, the use of the hour-glass shows the concept of time excellently! When considering the Earth and sustainability the idea of time and running out of time is very prominent as going the way we are, our Earth will not last forever. The way you have the soil turning to oil and the change from bright to gloomy definitely portrays your concept visually. But will this be hard to manipulate together within the hourglass? This is a very powerful image but my only concern would be keeping it ‘photo-real’ as the brief asks for. I can’t wait to see your progress!


  5. Hi Loretta! I especially love concept one and two, the idea of incorporating dullness to reflect what the native person is thinking/feeling is a really god idea. The transition of oil to water in the first image held to identify the change that is occurring in the environment. If you do decide to incorporate dullness into your image be careful to avoid bald and white tones or use some colour, as we are marked on our use of colour too!


  6. I like your concept one the best because it clearly shows the pollution that happens in the environment with the rain turning into oil half way down the tree. It could also look quite effective if you make the tree seem like it is dying at the bottom where the oil is ‘coming from’. Perhaps play around with colour and textures so it does not look as healthy as the top of the tree?


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