Progress pictures one and two:

Progress 1     Progress 2

I have placed a few of my images in photoshop but still have the ‘soil turning into oil’ aspect of the image to go. I am also rather unsure if this will be okay as photo-realism, so I will double check and then re-visit my image in photoshop.



  1. Hey Loretta!! This looks amazing, such great work so far! I think the background that you have chosen really fits with your theme, the use of colour in this image really gives you a earthy feeling! Something to ponder on is possibly changing the exposure and contrast of the girl, just to let it blend in more with the image and it’ll make it look more photo-real. i also think you should add the oil, as it’ll really capture the meaning your trying to portray! 🙂


  2. Loretta! Great photos! I especially love you’re background as it really gives your picture depth. To make your image more photo-real, you could add some shadowing to you’re figure and hand perhaps. Maybe you could try and make them both a bit sandy or dirty even? Adding the oil is definitely a good idea as it’s a vital part of you’re article. You’re going to have an amazing image at the end of this!


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