Research Post 5


Colour is very important in an image and can create strong meaning. Different connotations can be made from different hues, for example, the connotative meaning of the colour green being earthy, natural or envious, jealousy etc. OR the connotative meaning of the colour red being anger, fiery, love, passion etc. The saturation of colour can also be important to show emotion and contrast in an image.

Colour can be used to establish depth, convey emotion and help the viewer recognise the focus and intention of the image. Warmer colours make the viewer feel different to viewing cooler colours. In my image I plan on using both warm and cool colours to help contrast the environment. The use of complimentary colours can also be useful in depicting an image’s meaning.

In my image I will predominantly use natural browns and skin colours however I will include lighter, brighter colours such as the greenery of the tree and the blues of the sky and water. This will be included in the top half of my image and will make the viewer feel happier and be drawn to this. The lower half, as discussed before, will be in a darker tone to establish the more negative, hidden affects the pollution is having on the environment as my article states.

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