Research Post 1

What are infographics?

This next assignment is to do with infographics. Because I will be creating one describing a process I thought I would do a research post on what infographics actually are.

Infographics- informational graphics; visuals that display informative content using design elements. Not only do they convey messages but they do so quickly and clearly. Infographics ‘compress’ and show information in a way that is simple yet meaningful.

“Infographics are used for the following reasons:

  • To communicate a message,
  • To present a lot of data or information in a way that is compact and easy to comprehend,
  • To analyze data in order to discover cause-and-effect relationships,
  • To periodically monitor the route of certain parameters.”

Information from:

Things I will need to remember when creating my inforgraphic will be:

Simplicity: So that the graphic is easy and clear to read, colour is important and can be used to help effectively communicate meaning.
Colour: Choose colours that will represent my topic best and that best contrasts with the background. This is so that the illustrations can be seen and not blend in.
Layout: So that the reader knows what to read first, second and so forth… and so that the information flows well
Typography: try to use little of, but choose carefully the font etc. so that it is still legible.
BE VERIFIABLE: It will be absolutely essential that the reader comes to the right conclusion at the end of viewing the infographic and gets the intended message.


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