Research Post 2

Effective example:



This infographic is about cinnamon sticks and how to use them. While it is quite clear how the graphic has been split up into two sections (the top half being more visual and the second being more type), for my assignment I will not be using as much text as the lower half of this example.

In this infographic the overall composition is well balanced. Even nearer the lower section where there is a large amount of text, the cinnamon sticks have been placed beside it, serving as both a focal point and a way to balance out the text. The top section of the infographic is also balanced and follows the rule of thirds. By having the heading centred and a number of smaller graphics underneath evenly spaced, it creates symmetry which catches the viewers eye and does not make the graphic feel empty and uninteresting.

The overall colour scheme of the infographic is very simple but the beige and brown tones reflect the cinnamon sticks. Although, only using two colours (or even just two shades of one colour) can be seen to be dull, I think this graphic’s colour scheme works and is not too bold and busy that the viewer gets lost.

In this infographic I can see how the images would be created using what was taught in class today using the the shapes tool and tweaking them to look like objects such as the cup of coffee. I like how the top graphics have been placed rather neatly and will think about this type of placement for my own infographic as it may be effective in showing direction and process.

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