WIP 4 (updated)

Just made a few minor changes after having some feedback in my last post, just thought I’d share this before I continue with the rest of the infographic…

Screen Shot 2015-05-31 at 11.49.29 pm

Screen Shot 2015-05-31 at 11.46.19 pm



  1. Hi! This is a great work. The composition looks balanced and the colours are nice. You might want to soften the edges of the pancakes but this is still a WIP so that’s fine. Looking forward to see the finished image 🙂


  2. Hey Loretta! I really like what you have done with the pancakes so far! They look really good in terms of colour and you have traced them well on illustrator as you can easily tell what they are. The only thing I could suggest for improvement would be to make the ‘Pancakes’ banner and chef hat slightly smaller and increase the size of the pancakes and the process, just because the chefs hat looks a little too dominant at the moment. But all in all it looks like it is coming together well especially the colours.


  3. Hi Loretta! Looking really good so far. Your composition, colour palette and typography so far portray your chosen theme effectively. Your images created on illustrator look neatly composed, clean and engaging. I especially like the blueberries and nuts on top as this provides added interest. Perhaps more detail could be added to the chefs hat to make it pop a little bit more and look less flat. Your could also try added some hand drawn elements to the word pancakes to make it more visually interesting and unique. Otherwise, such good progress!


  4. Firstly, I really enjoy the colours in this image! They work very well in complimenting each other and allow for the image to not be overly busy. I also really like the composition and layout of your image – I feel like I’m at a cafe about to order something yummy from the menu! The typography is on point and works well with your idea as well! The only thing that I feel that you could improve on is the colour of the plate and it’s shape – it looks a little dull and lifeless compared to the pancakes, so perhaps brightening the colour to a crispier white could work well? The only other element would be the big amount of space in the top third of your image. It’s very busy (in a good, well positioned way) where the pancakes are, and a little dull at the top which is taking away from the greatness of your image and all of its potential! If you could find a way to spice that up, I’m sure your image as a whole will come together a lot more naturally! You’re totally on the right track though, looking awesome!


  5. The pancakes looks really good. The colour on the different pancakes and the shadow on each one makes it really nice. It is easy to see that it is blueberries and the colours blend nicely together,

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