Screen Shot 2015-05-29 at 8.43.34 pm Screen Shot 2015-05-29 at 8.43.09 pm

I started on my basic layout by using the shapes tool and adjusting/distorting parts to create what I wanted. I originally wanted to put a spoon and fork on each side however realised this would not work in the space I had available. I downloaded a font from fontsquirrel.com called ‘Carrington’ as I feel like it fits the ‘recipe’ type of look and is elegant yet legible. I decided with just using the word ‘Pancakes!’ as I feel as though ‘How To Make Pancakes’ would have been too long and it is obvious with the rest of the image (when it’s done) that it will be how to make them. I then went on to create the stack of 7 pancakes for each step. I did this by placing an image of the pancake stack I got from flickr.com and used this as a guide. I used the pen tool to go around each pancake and rounded the edges. I made each pancake a different colour to co-ordinate with each step. I am planning on making the images for each step in the same colouring as the step it goes with. I am still playing around with the idea of taking out the rectangles on each side but I want to see how the step-by-step images will look with and without it first before I decide.


Screen Shot 2015-05-31 at 11.30.51 am Screen Shot 2015-05-31 at 11.31.08 am

Once I had completed the pancake stack and the toppings I added in tiny indicator lines just in case it is not clear which step goes to what pancake. With the colour scheme, the basic colours I ideally want to keep with the shades of yellow/browns (as these are the colours of pancakes) and with white/black. I do not want to make it too complicated with extra colours. I did try a few different coloured background base colours, however I ended up keeping with the grey (only slightly lighter) just to make the baker’s hat, plate and pancake stack really ‘pop’ and contrast well.


Screen Shot 2015-05-31 at 11.37.40 am A8-01

I have also just completed the smaller infographic by using two of the stack of pancakes, the toppings and just simply ‘Pancakes!’ in the same font. I used the ‘type on a path’ tool to make the title curve in a similar way to the pancake’s edge.



  1. Fantastic work so far. You’ve managed to make it look fun and interesting. Colour-wise, it’s also just right. Not too distracting in the slightest.

    Here’s a bit of a conundrum for you. I’m not sure which one you’re going through with (the lighter one? It looks blue to me. If it’s grey, then I’m probably colour-blind, ahaha), but the dark grey version emphasises the hat, but everything else is drowned out and makes it look gloomy as opposed to cheery. The lighter one emphasises everything, but the rectangles on each side stand out like a sore thumb. It just doesn’t seem very… integrated? I understand the symmetrical values of having them there, but it just feels jarring.

    In your concept thumbnails, you had a knife and fork on either side. In your source photos, you also had them. Are you still thinking of using that idea? Granted, it might be more distracting than the rectangles, but it’d be worth it to experiment. I agree and think that you need something on the sides, so play around with what you have left to do (the typography, say) and see if there’s some way to make this better than it already is.


    1. It is blue but I agree and think I will cheekily go for a shade in between the two. I’m still deciding to be honest! and the rectangles on each side are also unfinished, I am planning on putting the images for each step in them and using it as a sort of border for them? however as I said above, I will have a look at the overall graphic with and without them. Anyway thanks for your words of wisdom Larry!


  2. This looks incredible! You’ve done the pancake stack really well and the overall progress of your work is really good. I’m wondering maybe you could lighten the colours of the panels and pancake sign in order to make the infographic look more appealing? Other than that I think this is coming along well.


  3. I don’t like the gradient. I feel it is not working with the rest of your infographic. Maybe speak to your tutor as my tutor said to be careful with gradients as if done wrong marks are lost. The pancake stack looks awesome! As well as the berries. I like the font and layout. My only other piece of advice would be to add some shadowing or highlights to the pancakes to define them more 🙂


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