Creating the graphics for all the ingredients:

I have created all the ingredients you will need to make the pancakes and tried to make it clearer what they all are by using a few one or two words. This was only because ingredients such as baking powder and sugar are hard to distinguish from other substances.

Screen Shot 2015-06-04 at 11.15.05 pm



  1. Hi there,
    This image is looking great! I like how you have set out your design, I think that it demonstrates really well your concept and it looks effective. The pale colours also work really well and reflect back on your idea. Excited to see your final process.


  2. Loretta! This is such a genius idea! Not only would it work extremely well in showing what the ingredients are, but the way in which you have gone about it (putting it into a chefs hat) is so cool! It almost conveys the idea that he/she (the chef) is thinking it up as the process goes and it’s rad! The colours (the pale blue against the pastel yellow and crisp white) work really well together and feels light – which is exactly what someone who is about to cook up some pancakes will want to feel. My only concern is that it might be a little busy with the rest of your infographic, so make sure the juxtaposition and placement of all of your images together are done in a manner that isn’t overwhelming to the viewer but rather in a means that compliments the images together as a whole. From the way that you’ve laid out this part of your image however, I can tell that you know how to place the layout of the different elements and how to do it well! I can’t wait to see your final image! 🙂


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