Images for the Method:

So I have completed the rest of my graphics for the seven step method. I have taken out the ‘borders’ on the side because as I was creating the ingredients, I realised that the white was not as easily seen with the light grey as the background. The next post I upload will hopefully be my final inforgaphic!

Screen Shot 2015-06-04 at 11.16.11 pm


One comment

  1. This looks amazing! Your pancake stack has turned out great and your icons are very clear and understandable. Your steps are really easy to follow and flow into each other really nicely. I love your font which you have used as it really does reflect the fanciness of fine pancake creating! However maybe you could experiment with a clearer font for the actual instructions? I found it a little difficult to read when I first took a look at it with all of its curls and whorls! This font would still be great for the title of ‘Pancakes’ though!


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