Brief 1 Submission


The intention for my image I have created was to effectively express an article visually. I wanted to show how the oil pollution in the Western Amazon can really affect the environment and the people that live in that environment. The way I have presented this in my image is by using elements such as contrast, colour and composition.

My final image actually ended up being a combination of two of my concept thumbnails that got a good amount of positive feedback, concept 1 and 4. The image includes a tree in soil surrounded by the bright blue sky to represent the natural environment. Lighter natural colours used here creates a ‘happier’ tone to the image and the background environment really emphasises this. The tree however is in the palm of a human hand to show the human involvement in the destruction of the environment. In my progress I had shown that I had changed the way the hand was placed in the image. While discussing it with some classmates and my tutor I had realised that the hand was not photo-real as it did not originate from anywhere so I decided to make the hand look like it was ‘growing’ out of the earth to tie it in with the whole idea. Because I did this, I also decided to alter where the person sat to balance out the composition overall. The soil and dirt that the tree is growing from is falling out of the hand and turning into oil to show that it is becoming out of our control and that nature is becoming polluted. The lower half of the image shows a person in a duller light, sitting down taking ‘water’ from the earth. However this ‘water’ has turned into oil and the person is consuming the oil to show the negative affects the pollution is having on the native people’s health.

In my image I have used techniques and tools I have learnt about in class such as layer masking and the use of the magnetic lasso tool and quick selection tool. I made use of the smudge tool for the sky to enhance the quality of the image and the blue colour and used mainly the quick selection tool for cutting out the tree. I used a layer mask for the hand and the puddle of oil. This was particularly useful for cutting out the hand as I could go back and refine the edge of it after having difficulties with the magnetic lasso tool. I also adjusted the exposure and hue slightly of the hand as it was slightly more red than the other visual elements. I used the stamp tool for the soil turning into oil to try and create a flow and converge the two images. I also used this tool around the person so it looked as if they were sitting in the sand and where the arm grows out of the earth. The stamp tool was quite handy for creating a shadow effect from the hand as well. I undid the smart object of the puddle of oil and distorted it to look flatter on the ground and lastly changed the exposure and brightness/contrast of the person as part of my feedback I got was to change this to make it seem as though the person was more in the setting and to fit with the lower half of the image’s colours.

Overall through different techniques and design elements the image’s intent is hopefully what it conveys.