Brief 1 WIP

Progress Post UPDATE

prog 3

I decided to change the image slightly as the human hand didn’t look like it was coming from anywhere in particular. Now I have included the arm and made this look like it is coming up through the ground. I have also flipped the person to help with the image’s composition and adjusted the person’s exposure + contrast to fit better with the surroundings. I am currently working on the ‘soil to oil’ in the image.



Progress pictures one and two:

Progress 1     Progress 2

I have placed a few of my images in photoshop but still have the ‘soil turning into oil’ aspect of the image to go. I am also rather unsure if this will be okay as photo-realism, so I will double check and then re-visit my image in photoshop.

Concept Thumbnails

photo 5
Concept thumbnail 1: The clouds at the top of the page are raining water showing a natural element in the image. Mid-way down the tree in the centre, the water blends and transforms into oil, leaving the ‘oil’ to drip down the tree and into the palm of the hand. This shows the cycle of how nature is being tainted by the oil pollution and how it ends up affecting the people.

photo 2

Concept thumbnail 2: The hand at the top of the image is picking up the tree to symbolise those who are causing the oil pollution and destroying the environment in the Western Amazon. Underneath the tree there is oil to replace it. There is a person, possibly a native, who is in dismay at what is happening to their environment. This will be a very dull image in reflection of what the person is feeling. The larger hand in the image also helps identify which people have the power over the environment.

photo 1

Concept thumbnail 3: There are those in the background ‘leaking’ the oil into the waters that, in the foreground, we can see native people use as drinking water. It will be clear water where the native is drinking however the oil will be coming closer as an indication of the big effect it can have on the people.

photo 3

Concept thumbnail 4: The hour-glass symbolises that time is running out to save the environment. The tree at the top of the hour-glass represents nature and it is in fresh soil. The soil is gradually falling through and as it does it turns into oil. As the oil drips down, there is someone at the base, a native of the environment, that ends up drinking this oil showing the pollution’s effects. The top half of the image will be bright and natural, whereas the bottom half will be dull and gloomy.

photo 4

Concept thumbnail 5: This image will be a contrast between the left environment and the right. On the left, there is vibrant greenery in the Western Amazon with a native person who is visibly happy. The part in the middle will be water then it will merge with the right, which will be oil. On the right, there will be a large hand taking away/destroying ‘nature’ and emphasising that they are the bigger power here. This side of the image will be much darker than the other.

Communication Objectives

As previously mentioned I want to merge or contrast nature at it’s best, green and full of life, with the dullness of pollution. I still want to continue with this idea but have been thinking I may want to explore it a slightly different way. I want to try and incorporate the oil more into my image as it is the main focus of my article.

Through the composition of:

-A black oil substance to represent the cause of the pollution mentioned in the article
-A tree to represent the nature aspect of the article
-One or Two people to represent those being impacted by the pollution

I am intending to create an image that visually communicates the suffering being experienced by the Western Amazon, both its people and its wildlife. I plan on overlapping the oil over the top part of the tree making it seem like it was ‘raining’ oil, or having water/rain come down onto the tree then it turning into oil. This is to symbolise the oil being ‘leaked’ into the Amazon and affecting the nature in the area. I am also interested in incorporating a human figure (or two) to communicate the native people’s involvement and how they are also affected by the pollution. Overall, I do want a dark tone to the image however I will still use a contrasting brightness in the appropriate parts of the image. I will use image manipulation techniques that have been taught in class and try to also use the best aspects of what I have researched to create a photo-realism image that represents this article.


‘Oil Drilling Contaminated Western Amazon Rainforest, Study Confirms’ -Becky Oskin

Source details:
Published on:, June 13, 2014

This article discusses some recent findings on pollution in Western Amazon. From a chemical analysis conducted by a team of Spanish researchers they found that oil extraction and oil spills in Western Amazon over the past few decades has caused pollution in the area but little has been done about it in the past due to a lack of environmental monitoring and proper regulations. It goes on to talk about how this pollution is affecting not only the Amazon’s nature and it’s wildlife but also the native people and their health.

I decided to choose this article as I feel people need to be more aware of what’s happening with the environment, the world we live in, the air we breathe and the water we drink. It is very interesting to learn that in some areas of the world something that can affect so many different forms of life can go relatively unnoticed by those who can really make a difference and do something about it. I also decided on this article as I can see it being expressed well visually. It offers a wide range of possibilities such as being able to contrast and overlap images of the greenery and the visual aesthetic of nature at it’s best with the much duller image of a more unpleasant and polluted ‘nature’. This however, is just one broad idea which I can try and develop and alter later on in the working process.